Bailey Brauer Secures Appellate Win for Client Embroiled in Property Dispute

The Dallas Court of Appeals has affirmed in large part the 366th Judicial District Court of Collin County judgment for Bailey Brauer’s client in MQ Prosper North , LLC and Donald Silverman v. Lisa Coulter, a long-running property dispute in Prosper, Texas.                                                         Lisa Coulter purchased her home in 2015. Once part of a larger tract of land, the home sits on a two-acre island surrounded by approximately 12 acres of land off Preston Road owned by MQ. The single mother was initially allowed to use an existing driveway providing direct access to Preston. However, over time she was forced instead to use a less direct, unimproved easement that skirted the outer boundary of the property. Although Ms. Coulter secured permission from Prosper to pave the easement, MQ attempted to stop the improvements, also claiming the home’s water, septic, internet and electrical lines improperly crossed through MQ property.   The dispute ended up in trial in 2019, with the court ordering MQ pay for actual damages and emotional distress, plus attorneys' fees.   “Over time, the pattern of harassment escalated, with the developers cutting the family’s water and communication lines right before Christmas one year,” said Ms. Coulter’s attorney, Bailey Brauer co-founder Alex Brauer. “Although the actual damages are modest, for Lisa the entire chapter has been an ongoing nightmare. To have the courts affirm that finding is gratifying and will allow Lisa to move forward.”